Whether you are looking for a plumber to help you with a complete renovation of your bathroom, or need some help with a leaking tap, you still have to make sure that you are hiring the right plumber in Ballina.

You might not know how to check out the plumbing team before hiring, so Sidney & Richardson might be able to give you a few tips to make choosing the perfect contractor easy. 

Are you licenced?

Whenever you employ a plumber in New South Wales, you need to check that they are licensed. Plumbers are not allowed to operate in NSW without holding a licence for the area, so if you choose a cheap trader with no permits, you could end up with a renovation that fails its checks.

You should make sure too, that the licence you are shown is actually valid for NSW, since most licences are unique to each state. 


Will you be doing the work?

Tradies have a tradition of passing easy work on to sub-contractors. This means that the plumbing team you hire might not be the business who end up doing the job. You can solve this problem by reaching out to Sidney & Richardson and letting our company complete your project or fix your plumbing. 


What happens if there is an accident?

With the best of plumbers, accidents can still occur, simply due to the work that is being done.

Make sure that your plumbers have public liability insurance – this covers them and you in case an accident does occur.

This can range from damage to the house or tools that the plumber is using to physical injury to them, you or other contractors on your property. 


Is your work guaranteed?

When you hire a plumber from Sidney & Richardson, you shouldn’t expect things to break.

However, if there is a flaw in the materials used, or something has gone wrong with the renovation then you need to know that our team will come back. Make sure you have that guarantee in writing before work starts. 


Are you professional?

When you are searching for a suitable plumber in Ballina, you should be looking for someone who is professional and experienced in their role.

At Sidney & Richardson our expert plumbers are here to help you, so reach out to us through our online message form, or call us on 02-6686-2555 now.

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