A gas fitter in Ballina generally works for a gas company or utility company like Sidney & Richardson.

In homes, gas is used to operate many appliances, including stoves and heaters. Of course, that means that they sometimes need to be installed, serviced or replaced.

That’s where a gas fitter comes in. A gas fitter works on all aspects of gas supply in domestic and commercial buildings.

Here are a few of the jobs for which you might call a gas fitter.

Working on Gas Meters

As you can imagine, a gas fitter can do many jobs having to do with your gas appliances. That includes installation, service, repairs and replacements.

They can also maintain gas meters and regulators and service and maintain gas lines and the gas appliances in your home. So, if you have a gas leak or notice that one of your gas powered appliances isn’t working, a gas fitter is the person to call.


Testing Gas Lines and Equipment

Another duty of a gas fitter is the regular testing of gas appliances and gas lines. If something is found to be operating improperly or is defective, a gas fitter can make the necessary repairs to make it safe and ensure that it’s functioning properly.


Gas Escape Calls

If you ever have to be evacuated due to a possible gas leak, a gas fitter may arrive to assess the situation and help you determine when it’s safe to go back inside the building. This includes schools, hospitals, nursing facilities and other municipal buildings as well as private dwellings.

A gas fitter can also investigate gas fires and explosions to determine the cause and which repairs need to be made. These are dangerous situations so it’s always best to leave the work to the professionals in these cases.



A gas fitter can also do conversions of cars or appliances to using gas instead of the traditional fuel methods and products. If you’re interested in going from an electric stove and heater to one that uses gas, a gas fitter can make that change for you.


Other Jobs

There are a few other things that a gas fitter can do, which include giving you advice about your gas needs, both residential and commercial.

Many gas fitters can also read blueprints and interpret drawings for installing new gas lines, such as those in new buildings and homes or for renovations.

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